About SVTH

Federation of Trade & Services
SVTH – Federation of Trade & Services (Icelandic: SVÞ) is a countrywide federation of companies in commerce and services in Iceland. This includes private retailers and the consumer co-operative sector. The Federation also comprises the oil companies with approximately 200 service stations, the entire goods transport sector: The merchant fleet, trucking companies (a transport section within the federation deals with transport issues), the entire pharmacist sector with over 50 stores, IT- companies incl. telecommunication and postal services and various service companies.

SVTH is the second largest member of the Confederation of Icelandic Employers (Icelandic: SA). The potential for SVTH is considerable. There are now more than 1.600 registered companies in the sectors covered by SVTH with employees exceeding 40 thousand totally. The actual SVTH membership consists of some 300 companies.

Office: SVTH – Federation of Trade & Services,

Borgartun 35, 105 Reykjavik, Iceland.
Tel: +354 511-3000
E-mail: svth@svth.is

The main areas of operation are the following:

  • Information to members: On the SVTH website and through publications and meetings.
  • Education: Courses and vocational training projects are organized upon requests and needs of the member companies. SVTH organizes various seminars and conferences in conjunction with other organizations, schools, institutions etc.
  • Lobbyism: Monitoring and commenting on laws and regulations affecting SVTH’s members and commerce and services in general at various levels of Parliament and within the Government administration. The labor market salary negotiations in cooperation with SA who leads this work.
  • International cooperation: Through membership in EuroCommerce, UNICE, FIRAE, IRU and cooperation with Nordic sister organizations to affect policymaking relating to trade and services. SVTH was established in October 1999 by merging several organizations in trade and services.

Secretary General:

Mr. Andrés Magnússon