Application for Membership to The Federation of Trade and Services

  • hereby applies for membership to SVÞ - Samtökum verslunar og þjónustu (The Federation of Trade and Services). This includes membership to Samtök atvinnulífsins (SA, The Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise).
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  • Please ensure that this is an actively monitored email address and that emails sent to this address will reach your management team. This email will be used for things such as billing information and other important information sent by the Federation.
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  • * Fields marked with an asterix are required. If you have any questions, please contact us: email svth(at) and phone +354 511 3000.

    Should this application for membership be approved we commit to following the byelaws of The Federation of Trade and Services, SVÞ - Samtök verslunar og þjónustu as well as the byelaws of SA, The Confederate of Icelandic Enterprise.

    By applying for membership to The Federation of Trade and Services (SVÞ - Samtök verslunar og þjónustu) and The Confederate of Icelandic Enterprise (SA, Samtök atvinnlífsins) the company authorizes the registration, storage and processing of data in according with The Federations data processing policy. Please study applicable policies which you will find by clicking on the links below.

    SVÞ Privacy Policy (Persónuverndarstefna SVÞ)
    SA Privacy Policy (Persónuverndarstefna SA)